EPX Body Nourish


  • Get the Energy, Get the Fuel, Get the Nourishment that Your Body Needs to Perform at its Peak

    EPX Body Nourish is a meal replacement product unlike any you have ever tried before and is perfect for anyone on the move who wants to lose weight, get fit, or just balance their nutrition. Not only is it flavorful and fulfilling, this unique shake provides you with all of the nutrition of a well-balanced meal. All-natural EPX Body Nourish has over 19 grams of protein per serving and it packs the nutrients of 4.5 servings of real fruits and vegetables into every shake. It also includes the recommended daily fiber plus the healthy fats your body requires for proper functioning. Plus it accelerates fat loss with the aid of the essential omega fatty acid flax seed. Enjoy a synergistic blend of protein, vitamins, minerals, and natural and low glycemic sweeteners that combine to ensure long-lasting satiety as well as satisfy the body’s most immediate needs. Nutritious and delicious, EPX Body Nourish fills you up and curbs hunger, increases energy and burns fat, improves muscle performance and recovery, plus it promotes general health. Get the energy, get the fuel, get the nourishment your body needs to perform at its peak.